Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Renu Workout

Renu is in my Tu/Th 5:30am Relentless boot camp at Deep Eddy Park. The picture above is the entire class posing after completing "The Renu" this morning. She is in the front with aqua Lulu shorts.

Since joining class a year ago, Renu has lost 2 pant sizes, 10lbs, and 7% body fat. She never misses a class, has referred friends to our Relentless programs, competed in the 1st Annual Relentless Adventure Challenge, and leads by example to her fellow doctors and nurses at the hospital. She continues to improve daily and shows up each morning ready to SHOWOUT. The workout below is in her honor.

The Renu Workout-
2 rounds- for losing 2 pant sizes
10 med ball pushups - for losing 10 lbs, and Renu has great arms and can do toe pushups now
7 frog jumps- for losing 7% body fat, and this exercise is her own worst enemy
10 swings- for losing 10lbs and she owns her very own kettlebell
7/7 wood chops- for losing 7% body fat
Run Deep Eddy ramp- She likes to run with groups and chase people.

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