Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spartan Warrior

Get yer guns up! ClearLLLLLLy I am a Red Raider. Grant it, the pic above is of some muscle-flexing guns, but I had to throw in a little Texas Tech love. A few team members of the Austin Valkyries Rugby team have joined and/or dropped in to boot camp this month. These women provide a fun, competitive, athletic addition to class. Great work, ladies! CrossFit is a perfect way to cross train through out the season for sports and kill your competition come game time.

Tonight my brother and I were watching the "Deadliest Warrior" on Spike TV. This show is crazy good. For all you competing in Spartan 300 I highly recommend checking it out. You will learn what a true Warrior is all about. Each week a new episode features two of the most feared warriors civilization has ever known against each other. Along with the use of 21st century science and the latest technology, each episode enlists warrior-specific world-class fighters and experts to provide insight into what makes these combatants tick, analyzing every facet of their unique skills of destruction, culminating in a head-to-head final fight between two legends of the battlefield that will produce the deadliest warrior.

What makes you a Spartan Warrior???

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