Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Messed Up

"Maybe we have to get a little messed up before we can step up."

The statement above is from a TV show that I love, Grey's Anatomy. I heard the narrator make the statement, and it stuck with me. I know in many of CrossFit workouts it is a lot easier to lay down, quit, and say "NEXT." However, beauty and strength and character are built when you push the extra mile.

Last week I did the Mile Sandwich with Carey. Oh my soul! Talk about some serious damage to my hands (pic above). However, the sense of accomplishment and the belief in myself was enhanced 10-fold. I had never done 100 unassisted pull-ups until last week. It is amazing to me how when you truly set your mind to something supernatural things happen.

No more comparing myself to others, selling myself short, allowing the fear of failure to get in my way, I am embracing the gifts God has given me and chasing after them with a new attitude and fervor.

Happy 22nd Birthday shout out to my little brother, Tyler!!! Keep the faith and keep on gridin'. Good things are in store. Love you!

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  1. Hey! Good luck this weekend! You've been working hard- have fun :)
    Much love,