Saturday, April 18, 2009

Successful people take risks

I came across the the article below the other day by Keith Matthew, and it really got me thinking about my own life. It's simple for me to get up each day and coach CrossFit, workout, eat well, run errands, basically the daily tasks of each day, but what am I doing that pushes me out of my comfort zone to improve myself mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually.... I am not content with being stagnant. The bolded statement below switched my paradigm of thinking very quickly.

Successful people take risks. They play to win...they don't
play to 'not lose.'

Do you recognize the difference between the two?
If you don't, please go read that statement again. It's very important to your own success.

What are some ways you can play to win?

Do things that you know will help you along your success path but you've been putting off because they make you uncomfortable.

Most things I have done made me feel uncomfortable the first time through.
Back in college, I was on Spring Break with friends and we went to Jamaica. One day we were at a restaurant on a cliff and the idea was this:

Have a couple of drinks, then jump off the cliff and into the water below! It was a tourist activity and all the college kids loved it. Well, almost all of them! I stood at the edge of the cliff with my friend Bonnie. We both were nervous so we decided to jump TOGETHER (kind of like a joint venture). At first, I kept letting people cut in front of me and jump. I was delaying! In fact, I actually considered walking back down and NOT jumping! But then little girls and boys were cutting in front of me and jumping and that flared up my ego. I could be as bold as a little girl! Ha, ha ha. So we jumped. Well, actually I jumped: Bonnie chickened out at the last moment. As I looked back and saw her NOT jumping with me, I grabbed her arm and PULLED HER OFF THE CLIFF with me! Boy, was Bonnie m-a-a-a-d when we reached the bottom! Halfway down, I remember thinking, "Is this EVER going to end?" They say you should keep your body straight like a torpedo and not look down. Well, I looked down. And the moment I did, my body crashed into the water. I pulled a muscle in my neck slightly upon impact but fortunately it wasn't a big deal. Guess what my reaction was as soon as I reached the surface? WOOHOO!!!! Let's do it again!!!

And that's how it works.

Whether you are looking to strike up a conversation in an elevator, start a new business from home, create new relationships, or go cliff jumping with a few tequilas under the belt, it's all the same.
Jump in, get wet and discover your hidden reserves of self-confidence and empowerment.

Tiger Woods, Donald Trump, Ed Zimbardi, Oprah Winfrey -they all play to win.
And so should you.

Play smart, though. Successful people take educated risks. Don't just put everything down on "red." Take chances that are likely to work out in your favor.

Then enjoy the ride!

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