Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Easy way out....NEXT

(Deep Eddy Tu/Th 6:30AM boot campers posing after working hard for their fitness goals)

I read this today in the CrossFit Journal...

Tony Budding said CrossFit can be an “asshole barrier,” where the program creates a community that weeds out weak people who aren’t willing to work for success. Coach Glassman agreed. “So much of repugnant behavior is about trying to get something for nothing, and the CrossFitters inherently don’t believe that it’s possible.”

BAM. There you have it. Anything that is worth something does not come easy. The paragraph above not only applies to CrossFit WODs and nutrition to me, but life in general. It is the sweat, tears, excitement, motivation, and passion for the love of fitness and helping others that keeps me digging deep and pushing to be better. It is the days back in the past of not knowing of how I am going to make it financially from one week to the next but still pressing on because I see the end goal. It is the guarantee to bring my A-game to each athlete every class regardless of what is going on in my life that day. As my dad would sum it all up..."Suck it up and make it work. No excuses."

I L-O-V-E what I do. Is everyday easy? Absolutely not. But is everyday rewarding? Absolutely yes. And that is why I am CrossFit. There is no easy way out for anything. Each day I must remind myself it is the little things day in and day out that lead to great rewards. I believe without a doubt that diligence leads to success--"It is the quiet moments out of the spotlight when no one else is looking that most defines character."

Are you ready to work your ass off for your dreams? I know I am.


  1. So true! And yes, CrossFit is an "asshole barrier!" Great post Meg.

  2. Great post. I have never wanted anything more...or felt the need to cry more while doing it. Awesome tought stuff!

  3. Thank y'all!!! It is always encouraging to hear other people stories and accomplishments. Keep up the hard work!!!