Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mini WOD day

"Begin with the end in mind." Stephen Covey

The boot campers at the Tu/Th 6:00PM Ann Richards School location took on 5 mini-WODs and an ab circuit. They saw the challenge and attacked the mini WODs full force knowing the outcome at the end of class was a more positive attitude and a stronger body. We used the parallettes in the ab circuit to practice in-and-outs. At the end of class everyone posed on the parallettes, flexed their guns, and my sis showed off her "SHOWOUT" t-shirt.

Great week, team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every Mini WOD was 2 rounds:

Mini WOD 1
20 DB shoulder press
30 skaters

Mini WOD 2
10 on right/ 10 on left of 1-legged squats
20 dips

Mini WOD 3
8 on right/ 8 on left pushup and renegade row
20 frog jumps

Mini WOD 4
15 PVC snatch
10 lateral jumps over med ball

Mini WOD 5
20 thrusters with DB
10 burpees

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