Monday, August 10, 2009


Did someone say planks? Cedar planks that is-- in the oven. Read below for a good tip from The Paleo Diet on grilling indoors when the thought of firing up a grill in this heat makes you nauseated.
Another great way to reap similar flavor to what you might get on an outdoor grill is to use a cedar plank in the oven. This is quite simple and low cost. Cedar planks are sold at many markets. Just soak the plank for an hour or two in water to ensure the plank itself won't burn.

I usually opt for fillet, such as salmon, sea bass, or black cod, to name a few. Sometimes I'll keep it extremely simple and use no seasonings other than a touch of olive oil. Other times may warrant more of a punch, so I'll make a host of other seasonings or rubs to use on the flesh side of the filet. Rosemary, shallot and oil are favorites for a lighter fish. If you're inclined to eat something a bit spicier, try a salt-free Cajun rub on a thick piece of salmon.

After using whichever herbs, spices or seasonings you've chosen on the flesh side, place the fish directly on the soaked plank, skin side up (this helps seal in the flavor while simultaneously allowing the skin to crisp nicely in the oven). Then place in a pre-heated 425 degree F oven for fifteen minutes. This will have a one-pound filet done perfectly. Adjust the length of time accordingly for larger pieces of fish.

When done, the fish will cut easily and yields a lovely presentation atop a bed of mixed baby greens and some steamed, colorful summer veggies. This entire meal can all be prepared in well under an hour's time including prep AND cooking time.

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