Thursday, August 13, 2009

Moonlight Madness

Do you see the full moon in the picture above? The remaining part of the picture are the 5:30AM Tu/Th Deep Eddy boot campers after sweating it out for a full hour of CrossFit Central Relentless boot camp. These athletes show up every class focused and determined to improve. Not only do they get to see the beauty of a full moon but also watch the sun rise as they finish up with stretches.

People often say they want to "get in shape" before starting boot camp. I say NEXT. The perfect time is now---Kids are heading back to school; there are still many more months of shorts and sleeveless shirts ahead; and who doesn't want to feel and look better each day. Come sweat it out under a full moon, experience a sunrise, and feel rejuvenated for the day.

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