Saturday, August 29, 2009

Veterans & Newbies

The boot campers in the 6:00PM Tu/Th Ann Richards boot camp are fired up about working out and getting healthy. As a result, they are bringing their friends each week to share in the excitement. The 1st picture are new faces from Thursday evening and the 2nd pic are the veterans in class.

I believe there is power in numbers. Each one of these athletes worked a bit harder on Thursday night to show the newbies what boot camp is all about, and everyone completed the workout with a new sense of empowerment. The rain did not stop these Showouts!

Relentless boot camp for September kicks off on Monday, August 1st. Bring a friend and try out class.

5:30 AM Tues/Thurs at Deep Eddy

6:35 AM Tues/Thurs at Deep Eddy

6:00 PM Tues/Thurs at Ann Richards School

8:30AM M/W/F Lake Point

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