Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Breaking Records

(MWF 8:30am Lake Pointe class showing off their buns)

"To succeed, we must first believe that we can." -Michael Korda

The May benchmark workout for Relentless was a timed 1-mile run. The last time everyone did this workout was in February. My athletes saw huge improvements this week.

The Dick Nichols class kicked some butt in the blazing heat. Jasmine and Paige both shed over 40 seconds off their time--they went from over 9min miles to a low 8min pace. Norma and Sarah could barely run 800m 3 months ago and both of these ladies knocked out an entire mile without stopping.

Carla, Vanessa, Lisa, and Karen in the 8:30am MWF Lake Pointe class went from seriously complaining about running a mile 3 months ago, to shedding anywhere from 20 to 50 seconds off their original time.

Each of these athletes believed they could break records and they did. What are your fitness goals? I am here to encourage, inspire, and hold you accountable!

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