Monday, May 10, 2010

Sarah's Success

March 2009

Fall 2009

March 2010

Sarah is an athlete in the Tu/Th 6PM Dick Nichols Relentless class. She started boot camp in January and we did a follow-up on her measurements last week and the results were amazing. Sarah's lost 10lbs, 3% body fat, and 9 inches in 3 months. I have to brag a bit on Sarah. She is one of the few people who writes down goals and takes massive action to achieving each of them. When we met in January her goals were the following:
  1. Run a mile without stopping to walk by 4/15-- CHECK
  2. Do 50 situps in one set by 4/15-- CHECK
  3. Complete full boot camp, no modifications by 4/15-- CHECK
Sarah has already emailed me a new set of goals, posted her before and after pics on her vision board, and chasing full speed ahead to achieve everything she desires. Sarah exemplifies a Relentless athlete. Keep up the hard work!


  1. Great Job, Sarah! That's awesome!

  2. Oh that is awesome!! I just discovered a crossfit in Denton...I think that's what it said when I drive past on my home in the mornings...I am very tempted to check out after reading your blogs about your clients!