Saturday, May 8, 2010

Team Crush It

CrossFit Central & Relentless kicked off the 1st Annual Trojan Challenge this morning at Westlake High School. It was a fun, energetic, intense, showout event! Over the next 7 weeks, 75 athletes are dialing in on nutrition, additional kettlebell workouts, and making their dreams (goals) a reality.

I have the honor of coaching 11 athletes over the next 7 weeks. Each of them gave it their all and pushed the envelope this morning on the benchmark workout. Davianne (2nd from the left) was the fastest athlete at today's event. I can't wait to see her crush it even more in the finale. In 7 weeks, kettlebell snatches and 60 burpees will be cake for everyone. Stay tuned to see the results of Team Crush It through out the challenge.

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