Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Hour in the Hills

Last night the MWF 8:30am Lake Pointe outdoor Relentless class got together and celebrated life and each others company. Mary showed up with her homemade Kamikaze that included a special mix shipped from Ohio. Beth was a phenomenal host and opened up her house to total craziness.

I cannot say enough about how much these women mean to me. I love every bit of seeing how they balance kids, husband/boyfriend, friends, LIFE. I am 29 and single so clearly my life is polar opposite than most of these women; however, that is what makes this class so very perfect for me. I get to experience life in a new dimension and not be as frightened about "growing up." Lake Pointe Showouts, thank you for making my life more meaningful!

View more pics from our party HERE. I threw in a workout picture too so everyone can see how great these gals clean up.

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