Monday, June 7, 2010

Mobility Certified

On Saturday I attended the Movement, Mobility, & Maintenance certification with Kelly Starrett. A key point that he honed in on all day was getting organized. Below is a quick check list to make sure you are organized before lifting.
  • Set up- best fit: Ideal position from which maximal force can be produced. Varies for each athlete
  • Mid-line Stabilization: a quick nudge in the stomach will make you quickly focus on keeping your abs tight
  • Up stream/Down stream
  • Mobilize at position of restriction: don't mobilize muscles; mobilize movements
From the combination of the Trigger Point cert as well the Mobility cert, I feel more equipped to help coach my athletes through nag injuries and provide more useful stretches to improve performance. Do not hesitate to ask your coach if need improvement with flexibility or more ideas for stretches. We are here to help.

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